Ready, set, go! NES flow. 8-bit rhyme. It's my time. Nobody can stop me, I'm about to take mine. Already at the top, it's too bad though, you can't climb. Ha! I'm 100% dope. I heard that your groove is 100% nope. You can't do a show with 0% flow. And your game blows just like Nintendos. Wow, I make the crowd jump. When I make beats I make the trunk thump. So, you can hate if y'all want. But when we [are] in line, you know that I'm up front. Now, this is my zone. And ya girl letting me just like iPhones. Let's not talk about things that I own. This 2010 and I'm blown. Okay, let me switch the flow up. Dashie's so sick, it'll make you throw up. Hol'up, I'm afraid your time's up. You [are] a li'l trick, I'm surprised you showed up. I don't play games, I just take names. You guys are wasting my time, you [are] so lame. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You make me laugh. Your rhymes don't even add up, just do the math. Anything your crew make, yeah, I'm taking half. The only thing you [are] getting from me is an autograph. Cause I don't play games, I just take names. I heard you tryna sound like me, it ain't the same.